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Alrisha (Zodiac sign Pisces)

Alrisha is the tenth Doll from Zodiac sign collection. Doll symbolizes Pisces, her name Alrisha came from the name of the double star in the Pisces constellation.

We see her as the goddess of the sea. We created the main attributes: crown and trident, which are made from bronze and colored with the jewelry enamels. The top of the costume completely covered in sequins, the bottom is made from different colors of chiffon, the layers of the fabrics created a sense of the sea. As all representative of the zodiac, our Doll is an imaginative, intuitive, artistic and extremely sensitive individual. She has her special magnetic and it is hard to resist her energy.

Doll Specifications:

Material: Doll is made from porcelain and has a permanent ceramic-china painting

Height : 32 cm 

Flexibility: Doll has 18 ball joints, stretched with steel springs, glued by leather

Wig: Wig is removable, has 3 magnets. Made from natural materials (mohair, angora) and stuck with the silicone.


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