Aquarida (Zodiac sign Aquarius)


Aquarida is the seventh Doll from Zodiac sign collection. Aquarids is the meteor shower in the Aquarius Constellation. 

We see her as a goddess from the sea (water-nymph) which came to give the water to the land. The main attribute of the Aquarius is a jug, which used to hold water.
The Jug is made from bronze and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The helmet is equipped with a magnet for easy jug removing.

Doll Specifications:

Material: Doll is made from porcelain and has a permanent ceramic-china painting

Height : 32 cm 

Flexibility: Doll has 18 ball joints, stretched with steel springs, glued by leather

Wig: Wig is removable, has 3 magnets. Made from natural materials (mohair, angora) and stuck with the silicone.