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Arietida ( Zodiac sign Aries )

Arietida is the fifth Doll from Zodiac sign collection. We have named our Doll Arietida because of the meteor shower in the Aries Constellation.

She exudes charm. Her skittish eyes can win anyone over. Because of her fire and irrepressible energy, we see Arietida as Aries.

Special for her we created a sterling silver helmet with horns encrusted with semiprecious stones (16 items), also we created new sterling silver shoes encrusted with semiprecious stones (2 items). The costume is also the interpretation of zodiac sign Aries. It is made of chiffon, silk and beads.

Doll Specifications:

Material: Doll is made from porcelain and has a permanent ceramic-china painting

Height : 32 cm 

Flexibility: Doll has 18 ball joints, stretched with steel springs, glued by leather

Wig: made from natural materials (mohair, angora) and stuck with the silicone. Wig is removable, has 3 magnets.


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