Inspired by the beautiful song and Music video "Chandelier"  by Sia, we have created a Fanart.

The idea to create the composition came from Sophie's wig, which we had created to present a new face)


In the music video, a girl wears a medium-length blonde and dances an in a deserted, dirty apartment. To imitate the atmosphere of the apartment we used old newspapers, created furniture, and sewed a costume.

Hope You will enjoy the photos)



Halloween 2020

 For the holiday we have created a special costume for Julietta. She is girl with a magic power. She can put spell on you)) and you will never forget her)) Our beautiful witch - Julietta! 


Autumn beauty

This year we have a very warm and beautiful Autumn. 
Inspired by the colours of the season we have created an autumn photo session for Julietta. We have made a swing, autumn-inspired outfit and collected a lot of coloured leaves. 



Fei-Fei is a Queen of Vampires! 
For a long time, we had an idea to make a Vampire photo shooting.
We chose Fei-Fei for this role. We made individual makeup, hairstyle, a colour of the eyes, created a costume inspired by Dracula’s cape. To generate a decoration we went to the forest to pick up some branches and rowan berries. 
The idea of the photo session is the girl - vampire is searching a new victim or she is escaping from a crime scene)) Now she is wandering through the forest. Her veins already swelled, and she is looking for a new victim. She is gorgeous and very attractive, but she is a bad girl)) 





Collection made as collaboration with talented designer Anna Gavruishina I Z U M @_i_z_u_m_ Anna’s New collection was inspired by Spain costumes, beautiful flower Dianthus and peas pattern!! So tender, soft and unique!! Romantic florality collection gives the senses of WONDERLAND )



Girls just wanna have fun


Collection made as a collaboration with talented designer Anna Gavruishina I Z U M @_i_z_u_m_  


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