Australis ( Zodiac sign Sagittarius )


Austalis is the fourth Doll from Zodiac sign collection. We have named our Doll Australis because Australis is the main star in the Sagittarius Constellation.

She has a strong bright character, brittle and bravery at the same time. That is why she presents zodiac Sagittarius. She can defeat at a glance. She is a strong mind person but at the same time she exudes charm.

We created the background to do the photo session more realistic. We tried to catch the spirit of the forest. The bow and arrows have been made from oak. Shoes are made from silver. Costume made from wash leather and chiffon.

Doll Specifications:

Material: Doll is made from porcelain and has a permanent ceramic-china painting

Height : 32 cm 

Flexibility: Doll has 18 ball joints, stretched with steel springs, glued by leather

Wig: Wig is removable, has 3 magnets. Made from natural materials (mohair, angora) and stuck with the silicone.