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Why our Dolls?

  • Excellent posing ability. We are modelling our Dolls very thoughtfully, thinking about every detail. Smart design helps us to reach excellent posing ability. Using 3D technology allowed us to create complex ball joints combination that would be hard to repeat by hands.

  • Best resin and perfect tension. Our Dolls are cast from the best quality resin (Task-9) and have a perfect tension which allows holding any postures. We create our doll in a famous Moscow studio "Star-Dolls", a lot of most popular doll makers are casting their Dolls there.  

  • Wide range of Molds. Inspired by different cultures we have created different beautiful faces. Russian, Italian, American, Afro American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese ) All our molds are available for ordering. 

  • Fashion. We also create a fashion for Dolls.  You always can purchase wigs, shoes, clothes, accessories, jewellery, and even furniture.  

Specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall. We have 3 types of body: basic,  ball-jointed neck, and upgraded body. Our Dolls have removable feet (bare feet and for heels) and hands. Eyes are 8 mm (standard head) and 9,5 mm (increased).

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Producing time of the Doll is 2 - 4 months, depends on the additional options of the order.

1. Reservation of the Doll is 300$ - for the basic, 330$ for  ball-jointed neck body and 360$ for upgraded body set. this fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the order)

2. The rest part should be paid before the shipping of the Doll.

* we also consider Payment by installments 

3. You can pay all sum now and save 10%


PayPal, Alfa-bank, Sberbank, other transfers.

The cost of delivery is not included in the price and depends on the country of delivery. 


Contact: imskvodolls@gmail.com

Pay: markiza-m@list.ru

Blank Doll without makeup and blushing

Basic body 

Cost - 600$

Removable feet and hands +50$

Ball - jointed neck body

Cost - 640$

Removable feet and hands +50$

Click on the photo to order

Upgraded body

Cost - 800$

Click on the photo to order

Click on the photo to order

Additional items

You can buy additional feet or hands. Available for the body with removable feet and hands.

Beauty style

Order your Doll`s makeup, blushing, and wig.

Makeup: natural 140$, art (bright, smoky eye, freckles) 170$

Blushing (manicure and pedicure is included) natural 130$, art (freckles) 170$

Wigs 50$ - 80$

Click on the photo to order

Click on the photo to order

Price list

You can also fill the order form and we will contact you.

 The basic body set       600$  

with removable feet and hands 650$  

Reservation 300$  

Ball-Jointed neck set  640$

with removable feet and hands 690$  

Reservation 330$  

Upgraded body 800$  

Reservation 360$  

Additional options

Removable feet - for heels 70$  

Removable feet - flat 70$  

Removable hand (left or right) 40$  

Removable both  70$  

Beauty style

(you can choose from the one we have already done)



natural 140$

art (bright, smoky eye, freckles (natural makeup) 170$

art + freckles 190$

Blushing (manicure and pedicure is included)

natural 130$

art (freckles) 170$

manicure 40$

pedicure 40$


simple  50$

with bang/ponytail 60$

ponytail with bang 70$


Basic body+makeup (art)+blushing+wig=950$

Ball jointed neck body+makeup (art)+blushing+wig=990$

Upgaded body+makeup (art)+blushing+wig=1 150$

Freckled Girls with wig

Basic body 1 010$

Ball jointed neck body 1 050$

Upgraded body 1 210$


 To place the order please fill the order form. 

We will contact you within 24 hours.


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