Resin Dolls 

Resin Dolls by InspireDoll.  We are using 3dmax and ZBrush to create a master mold on the computer. We have put a lot of time, energy, love, and passion into the process of creating the master mold, and we are pleased with the results we have.
We are getting a lot of compliments about the amazing posing ability our Dolls have! We are modelling our Dolls very thoughtfully, thinking about every detail. Smart design helped us to reach excellent posing ability. We are in process of creating a new body and new faces.

Specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall, eyes are each 8 mm. We have 2 types of the body to choose, basic and with ball jointed neck. The Doll has 2 different types of feet: one is for bare feet, and the other is for heels.

We want our girls to be fashionable and modern. Historically, French couturiers used dolls for their first models: Prototypes of the new fashion costumes and dresses were created for dolls, and then these dolls were sent to potential customers. So dolls and fashion have a long historical link.
We also feel a strong connection between dolls and fashion. Putting clothes on a doll makes her alive, making us believe that her world is also real.
You can already buy clothes and shoes and accessories for our Dolls on our website. Inspired by the modern fashion and our Dolls, now we are creating fashion collections for the Dolls, different design of the shoes and cool accessories.



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