Resin Dolls 

Resin Dolls by InspireDoll.  We are using 3dmax and ZBrush to create a master mold on the computer. We believe that 3D technology opens a new Era in Doll making. It pushes your creativity giving tools for creating a thoughtful design, ability to create new design alternatives and bring to life all `unreal` ideas. We have put a lot of time, energy, love, and passion for the process of creating our Dolls. 

We want our Dolls to be beautiful young girls who believes that every dream will come true. They could be cute and innocent or sexy and provocative. They are full of energy and inspiration and want to share it with You.

We want our girls to be fashionable and modern. Historically, French couturiers used dolls for their first models: Prototypes of the new fashion costumes and dresses were created for dolls, and then these dolls were sent to potential customers. Dolls and fashion have a long historical link.

Specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall. We have 2 types of the body to choose, standard (basic and with a ball-jointed neck) and upgraded body. Our Dolls have removable feet (bare feet and for heels) and hands. Eyes are 8 mm (standard body) and 9,5 mm (upgraded body).


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