Design contest results!!!

Andrei's design is one of the fashion-forward in our opinion. We fell in love with it immediately as we saw it. 

Combination of prints, mixing different textures, playing with the volumes) The Dress is really gorgeous. It looks feminine and stylish at the same time. For us this look came from Resort collection)) 

The technical sketch is very very useful! We also want to have the dress for ourselfs)) Every girl needs to have this dress.

We decided to give Andrei our Nicole (mother of dragons make up) because we think that the dress will suit her perfectly.

The theme of the contest was upcoming holidays, the muse of the contest was Amaya with ivory skin tone and dark hairs. 

We think that the design of Urszula is the best matching the doll and the event. It is Doll couture!!) 

This costume is really for a special occasion. Lace long skirt with a fishtail will help us to create the shape we want. The corset’s bends are balancing the skirt and make the outfit beautiful in 3D dimensions. Beads decoration on the front and air loops on the back make the gown look very delicate. The interlacing of straps has finished the look perfectly. Amaya will look stunning in this costume. Very thoughtful design. We want to sew it very much!!) 


The first-place winners get our Nicole (mother of dragons) and Amaya.

As the idea of the contest was to design an outfit, the main criterion for choosing the first-place winners was how interesting and beautiful the design was.

The two best costumes that we are excited to create are the designs by Andrei Teican and Urszula Sarna. Their designs and the fashion illustration are extremely beautiful.


Dear Friends,

We are going to announce the winners of our contest. But first of to the designs! Receiving so many gorgeous artworks, we had a really hard time choosing the winners. all we want to express our sincere gratitude to every single person who participated in our contest. We had a lot of joy, inspiration, and fun during examining each artwork. Thank you very much for beautiful artworks, inspiration, and your time. Also, special thanks to those who attached technical sketches and detailed descriptions.


There are three prizes:

First-place prize is Amaya and Nicole Doll with makeup and blushing, wearing the costume, which the winners  have designed  

Second-place prize is 50% discount on any first purchase 

Third-place prize is 30% discount on any first purchase 

Special prices -  15% discount on any first purchase 

All participants who didn't get any places is getting 10% discount for purchasing a basic mold.

*discounts are available until the end of the 2018 year. 


We evaluated the work according to the following criteria:

  • The beauty of the fashion illustration 

  • Interesting idea of the costume

  • Modern look

  • If the design can be realized for our dolls (dolls are 40 cm high)


Important points

- Discount is available until the end of the 2018 year. 

- Delivery cost for the prize dolls will be at the winner’s expense

- If a winner does not respond within a week from the announcement of the winner weeks, the prize will go to the next best participant.

- We may change the final costume of the doll a little bit because of specific needs of the actual sewing of the outfit.

- We will send the prize Dolls in the middle of December after we make costumes 




We want to say thank you again to all participants!!! Thank you for being a part of this project! We got so much inspiration and positive energy from every artwork! It was our first contest, and we really want to have more in future with different concepts and themes and ideas! 

If you have any questions you are always welcome. 


Warmest regards, Irina and Marina Skvortsovy 









  Andrei Teican, Romania

  Cocktail dress with floral print and lace.



Urszula Sarna

The costume is a black lace "fish" tail fabric skirt and a bottle green satin corset.

Little beads are spread on the whole corset part. There are few shades of green beads, silver and light beads. 

Costumes made by the designs of the winners


50% discount on any purchase 

There was a lot of work which was more about illustrations. We were really impressed with them. This is why we decided to increase the number of winners.  Second place took the artworks with the best illustration and interesting design. It was so hard to choose so, we chose three authors: Kha Than, João David,  Maria Reberg.

Kha Than, Vietnam

  João David, Portugal

 Music inspired Dress. Feminine and soft.



 Maria Reberg

This image of Amaya was inspired by the goddess of beauty and love  in the computer game  " the elder scrolls".

Kha Than's artwork impressed us a lot. It has a unique style. A beautiful magic girl more like a goddess than a real person. She is graceful and feminine, but at the same time, she has power! Reminds Sailor Moon, one of the most beloved characters of our childhood! Also reminds Of a blossoming rose.  There are so many small details. We spent a lot of time learning them! We love love love this work.

João David illustration has captured the spirit of Amaya Doll. She looks so alive and beautiful. Moving of the dress and hairs, her deep gaze and the pose, all tell us about her secret world, her "Secret Garden". Very inspiring look.


Maria's romantic girl is absolutely gorgeous. The dress is so soft and tender, the floral decoration is very beautiful. This look is very delicate and floaty. Girl's pensive and gentle face is very attractive. This Romantic spirit is definitely suiting our dolls.  


30% discount on any purchase 

We gave the third place to beautiful designs and interesting ideas. The authors are Magdalena Bareja and Anastasia Rozhdestvina. We will definitely create the outfits in future. The designs are very thoughtful and very fashionable. 

Magdalena's evening dress is a definite showstopper. Feathers tail is just luxurious. Perfect balance with a fitted, pure silhouette of the top. Belt, crystals and zippered back perfectly match the outfit!  

Magdalena Bareja, Poland

Evening Dress

Red satin dress with feathers, beads and crystals (zippered back)



Anastasia's dress is fashionable and elegant. Beads details are very cool and unusual. We love the asymmetry of the dress which at the same time balanced with threads of beads on the bottom of the dress. 

  Anastasia Rozhdestvina, Russia.

 Asymmetric dress. A simple, straight silhouette and rows of ryush are emphasizing the fragility of Amaya. Threads of beads flicker in the folds of the dress. A stole complements the outfit.

Special prices

15% discount on any purchase 

This projects we also like very much! They are unique and beautiful!  

Eugenia Gubanova, Ukraine. 

The inspiration has come from flying fish. 



Julia Arkhipova, Russia
The adjacent collar accentuates the long neck of Amaya. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon and lace elements emphasize femininity of the Amaya.


James Pressley, USA

Butterfly evening gown. Inspiration came from the beauty and freedom of butterflies who are paper thin and flutter so elegantly, They are used as inspirations for the lace on the front and back of the dress. 

 Kasia Nowak, Poland

 Evening outfit for a mysterious party. Craft project.

Eugenia's painting is very beautiful. So magic and magnificent. If the contest was not about design, this painting would definitely be on the top! 

Yuliya's illustration is very stylish! The girl definitely has the Amaya character. We were impressed. Really great work! 

Kasia's craft project is very cool!!  The idea is very interesting!  We like the special spirit of the work. Combination of black and white and a lot of details make the costume gorgeous. 

James's red dress is very elegant. Lace butterfly on the back is so gorgeous. Top of the dress has a really great design! All these lace details are brilliant idea!! Two layers dress with red chiffon is so soft feminine!

Evgenia's outfit has a very beautiful pattern and very interesting cut. We love the combination of the colours and very unusual sleeves/cape! Head accessories are beautifully repeating the pattern of the dress.

Evgenia Grinevich, Belarus


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