Tutorial: Create hat for a wig

Materials you will need 
- Doll's head
- Stretch wrap 
- lace or different fabric for the base
- Kombi Gel Patrisa Nail (transparent )  https://www.patrisa-nail.ru/catalog/kombi_gel/
- Kombi Fluid https://www.patrisa-nail.ru/catalog/kombi_gel/kombi_flyuid_100_ml/
- UV lamp
-Glue Mod Podge Matte-Mat-Mate
-brush for glue
 - nail scissors
-nail file
- elastic bands ( Rainbow Loom or similar) 
-alcohol wipes or alcohol (to clean the hands) hand cream
- toothpicks

Stages of work

1) Take stretch wrap (to protect the head). Fix it on the head using bands. We are using elastic bands like Rainbow Loom (it made for creating bracelets and different accessories).  

2) Take lace, we prefer lace with strips, it helps to set the cutting line on the head's forehead. Place the lace stripe on the place where we will cut the wig.

3) Fix lace using an elastic band. An important moment, you need to wind it behind the ears (it is better to hold ears during these process). Press the lace tightly at the zone of ears using a toothpick. Place the elastic band at the back of the head and set back line of the hat.

4) Take glue and put on the lace, it should be 2 layers. Put the first layer and leave the hat to dry up (about 3 hours), then we put the second layer. Don't forget to wash the brush after using glue.

5) Prepare the Fluid, pour it into a container, just a little.
Squeeze out the gel directly on the head. Wet the finger in a Fluide and spread gel evenly
over head,1 mm thickness, or a little more. It is important to smooth carefully to avoid thick or thin parts.

6 )Put our hat under the UV lamp, it needs 30 min for each side. (60 min in total)  After the UF lamp, the hat could have a sticky layer ( it made for a nail polish purpose).it can be removed by the alcohol or just hold the hat under the UV lamp a little longer. 

7) Take the hat out of the lamp. If after the UV lamp you noticed that some of the parts of the hat need more gel or noticed cracks (it happens very very rarely, we remember only 1 time) you can add more gel on the parts which need more gel or on cracks and put the hat again under the UV lamp.

8) To take off the hat from the head we need to cut the hat a little.  Starting with cutting elastic bands then cutting the hat directly on the head, it will help take off the hat easily.


9) Take the hat off, remove the stretch wrap. Create any shape you need.
It is important to cut away thick layers near the ears (using nail file) 
Also it good to make layer near the face thinner. Polish all hat to make it perfect using different tools.


We wish luck in experiments with wigs for everyone. 
We will be happy to see the photos of your hats made by the technology.
Thak you so much for all.

Warmest regards,
Irina and Marina Skvortsovy.