February 7, 2020

Fei-Fei is having a party! As she is a Chinese girl she celebrates a Chinese New Year)  We also want to wish all the best for everyone!!! Inspiration, creativity, have a lot of joy this year! And of course, stay healthy!!!  

Наконец, добрались руки и мы сделали несколько новогодних фотографий)
Праздничная фотосессия с Фей-Фей) так как она у нас Китаянка, то празднует Китайский новый год!!!
Хотим всем пожелать в новом году много творчества, много вдохновения и много веселья!!!
Ну и конечно, все...

January 31, 2020

We are happy to present our two new Girls. We have finished molds: Sasha and Teia. This time we have created girls with a European type of face. 

Sasha’s image came from young Russian models, who are representing the traditional Russian beauty. The mold is associated with young, innocent, cute.

The second face was inspired by one of Victoria’s Secret girl. The opposite of the previous Doll) Self-confidence, freedom, sexy) 

We have already printed the molds and preparing them for casting. The Molds av...