July 8, 2019

Today we are posting an interesting post of our Dolls in the 3D interior. Marina has made the visualisation of the interior (using the reference of the famous designers Olga and Oleg Klodt). For a long time, we were pondering the idea to insert our Doll into the 3D interior and we finally did it. It is a first experiment to inserting of the Doll into a real 3D world, and we are very happy with the result. It helps us to make our Dolls more alive, and it is very important to us to create a complete...

January 12, 2018

We are happy to announce that pre-order for our new Dolls is open. The Dolls will be cast from resin in a famous Moscow studio "Star-Dolls" from the best quality resin (Task-9).

Two new molds Asami (Asian mold) and Julietta (European mold) and new body modification - Jointed neck are available.

Doll specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall (41 cm with heels' feet), eyes are each 8 mm. The Doll has 2 different types of feet: one is for bare feet and the other is for heels. There are two places for the...