February 7, 2020

Fei-Fei is having a party! As she is a Chinese girl she celebrates a Chinese New Year)  We also want to wish all the best for everyone!!! Inspiration, creativity, have a lot of joy this year! And of course, stay healthy!!!  

Наконец, добрались руки и мы сделали несколько новогодних фотографий)
Праздничная фотосессия с Фей-Фей) так как она у нас Китаянка, то празднует Китайский новый год!!!
Хотим всем пожелать в новом году много творчества, много вдохновения и много веселья!!!
Ну и конечно, все...

February 20, 2019

Fei-Fei is a Queen on Vampires!
For a long time, we had an idea to make a Vampire photo shooting.
We chose Fei-Fei for this role. We made individual makeup, hairstyle, a colour of the eyes, created a costume inspired by Dracula’s cape. To generate a decoration we went to the forest to pick up some branches and rowan berries. 
The idea of the photo session is the girl - vampire is searching a new victim or she is escaping from a crime scene)) Now she is wandering through the forest. Her veins alrea...

October 24, 2018

Our new Molds -  Dorothy and Fei-Fei. As usual, the inspiration came from beautiful fashion models.

We want to show girls before and after makeups. 

Наши новые молды —  Дороти и Фей-Фей