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General Rules for How to Take Care of Your Resin Doll


General Rules for How to Take Care of Your Resin Doll
Please be careful not to drop the doll. Treat the doll gently. Especially be careful with her fingers and toes when you dress her up. It is recommended that the wig be removed before changing the clothes.
The doll’s body parts are tightly pulled together by elastic strings. Please do not disassemble the doll if you are not sure if you can re-assemble it back.
Ball joints are glued using a special polymer to help joints move smoothly. Yet, the joints could feel a bit tight at the beginning. The polymer can come out of the joints. If this happens, you can remove it with the warm water and melamine sponges.

There could be the traces of the polymer. You can remove them with the warm water and melamine sponges.

Protect Resin

Please keep your doll away from direct sunlight and bright fluorescent lamps to prevent the colors of the doll from fading. Also, please try to avoid extreme humidly, heat, and cold. So, you may want to keep the doll at a dry place far from the room windows.
Please wash your hands before holding the doll in your hands. Ideally, it is recommended that white cotton gloves be used to protect the doll from oil and the grease of your hands.

How to Clean the Doll
To clean your doll, you can use non-scented common dish detergent, cool or warm (but never hot) water, and melamine sponges. Please never give a bath to the doll without disassembling the body parts. Some parts of the doll (metal, magnets, and strings) should not touch the water.

Clothes and Wigs
Please avoid using fabrics that may stain the resin. The best practice is to wash the fabric or clothes to check if it can stain before putting it on your doll.
Our wigs are made of natural materials so you can wash them or change their colors. But be careful with colorful and dark wigs. They may also stain the resin.
You can give different hair-styles to the doll but always comb their hair very carefully. You can wash the wigs, but brush them only when they are completely dry.
Most stains are removable using melamine sponge, degreaser, and detergent. In the worst case, you may want to try gentle abrasion with fine sandpaper.

Makeup and Blushing
You can give new makeup to the doll. First, please clean your doll and remove the old makeup. Water-based, acrylic-paint thinner is recommended. If you choose to use thinners such as acetone, please keep in mind that they can harm resin if left. After removing the old makeup, clean your doll again, let it dry, degrease, and use Clear (we use Mr.Super Clear) to protect the doll, before putting the new paint.
For the doll’s makeup, we use the best materials, put paints layer by layer, and protect the paintings with Clear. But these layers can be easily scratched if treated roughly. So please be careful.

Shoes and Accessories
We use a new technology to create the shoes and accessories. We create 3D models then print them into polyamide or photopolymer.
Polyamide is durable and flexible. Photopolymer is inflexible and brittle but good at realizing tiny details.
The shoes, being made of photopolymer, are thin and brittle so please be extra careful. Also, it could be deformed at high temperatures, so please keep it away from a source of heat.

Finally, it is technically difficult to repair the dolls, so please enjoy your doll with a great care. Please ask questions, if any, through the email at We hope that you can enjoy her for a long time to come.

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