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Our Dolls are cast from the best quality resin (Task-9) in a famous Moscow studio "Star-Dolls", a lot of most popular doll makers are casting their Dolls there.  


We have two different types of bodies (basic and Jointed neck) to choose, two types of skin tone and 4 face molds for choosing.


Doll specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall (41 cm with heels' feet), eyes are each 8 mm. The Doll has 2 different types of feet: one is for bare feet and the other is for heels. 


Cost of the Doll

The basic set costs 750$

Jointed neck set costs 780$

The additional options are below

If you are interested in additional options, please specify them in comments on the order form.


Terms of order

Order lead time of the Doll is one - two months, depends on the additional options of the order. 

1. Reservation of the Doll is 300$ - for the basic set and 330$ for Jointed neck set. this fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the order)

2. The rest part should be paid before the shipping of the Doll.

* we also consider Payment by instalments 



PayPal, Alfa-bank, Sberbank, other transfers.

The cost of delivery is not included in the price and depends on the country of delivery. 

For detailed information click here


Basic set


1. Ball jointed resin doll stretched with elastic cord.

2. Removable eyes made of plastic 

3. Box for the Doll

4. Certificate of Authenticity 

5. Instruction for the holders.


You can choose

1. Mold: Amaya, Nicole, Asami, Dorothy, Fei-Fei and Julietta.

2. Type of the body: Basic or Jointed Neck 

3. The tone of the skin: ivory, almond and coffee, cinnamon for Dorothy mold

4. Feet: flat or for heels 

5. The colour of the eyes: blue, green, brown (please, specify the colour in the comments field of the order form)


Additional options


1. Makeup 

natural 140$/170$ (for Dorothy mold)

art (bright, smoky eye, freckles) 170$/200$ (for Dorothy mold)


2. Blushing (manicure and pedicure is included)

natural 130$

art (freckles) 170$

3. Wigs 50$ - 80$





Ready to go Dolls 

 To place the order please fill the order form. 

We will contact you within 24 hours.


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