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Luli (Obsessed with birds collection)

We used the birds as the inspiration. Birds symbolize the spirituality, separation of the earthly life.
New mini collection «Obsessed with birds». 
Also, we were inspired by the traditional Chinese paintings, particularly Gong-bi style. We have created a tattoo using this style. 
Second Doll of the collection is Luli. Under the influence of the Chinese art
, we gave her Chinese name. 
Luli has a tattoo, made in Gong-bi style (traditional Chinese paintings).

Doll Specifications:

Material: Doll is made from porcelain and has a permanent ceramic-china painting

Height : 21 cm 

Flexibility: Doll has 13 ball joints, stretched with steel springs, glued by leather

Wig: Wig is removable, has 2 magnets. Made of natural materials (mohair, angora) and stuck with the silicone.


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