Personal story

A common question that we are always asked is how we came up with the idea to make our own Dolls. My sister and I  decided that it is time to share our personal story, how dolls broke into our lives and changed our world.


I am Marina, the author of dolls, I have a beloved son and husband, wonderful parents and dear sister. 

When I was about 6 years old, parents gave us Barbie dolls, we were fascinated by them, dreamed of a collection of dolls and all the furniture that was in the catalogues. Every night before going to bed we created a lot of stories about Dolls, what they are doing, where they are going and so on.  we spent a lot of time in childhood playing with the Dolls.

We could not even imagine that after about 20 years we will start creating our Dolls.

After the university, I used to work in the office and worked as a 3D designer, and Irina was an analyst in the stock market, but this is her story! I have always been a creative person, in love with drawing, learning 3D programs, had a big interest in the world of design.



Once I came across Barbie collection dolls, actresses collection. It was love at first sight, I wondered how they were made, I started searching for information on the internet and saw Japanese BJD, and after fall in love with the author’s BJD Dolls. I became a fan of ball-jointed Dolls, went to  Dolls exhibitions, searching the information on the internet, dreaming about my Doll.

After about a year I decided that I should try to create my own doll. Since then, everything turned out. Irina by that time also changed her profession, became a real designer of clothes and we decided to combine and push our creativity. At first, we bought a stove for porcelain and started making the first steps in the creation of porcelain dolls. It was in the 2010 year.

Then we released a collection of zodiac signs dolls, now we switched to resin dolls, but we also want to continue to make porcelain again.

We are enjoying the process of creating Doll and we are improving our skills and challenging ourself.