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Personal story


My name is Irina. I am the author of costume for our Dolls. Also, I take part in the creation of our Dolls.  I want to share my story.  What was my way to Dolls? What Dolls mean for me.
As my sister said before, in our childhood we were enjoying playing with dolls a lot, they were our inspiration. We were thinking up a lot of stories, creating our own worlds. It was a really precious period in the past. We were spending a lot of time with each other and during that time a special attitude to dolls has arisen.

We don`t listen to ourselves every time, searching the answers outside. My life went in the opposite direction of art. Most time of my daily routine I was busy with a "serious" job. This job was a good one, but it was not mine for 100%. I was working as a financial analyst in the stock market. My day started and ended with reading financial newspapers, creating researchers, being every time in the middle of everything, knowing the latest news and so on. It was interesting, but it was taking all my time. A quite stressful job. It was creating my image from the outside but did not fill inside. I felt emptiness.

One day Marina had caught a cold and had to stay at home for about 2 weeks. Sitting and home and watching tv she accidentally stumbled on an interesting tv show. It was Project Runway show (the third season). Marina insisted that I should watch it and it was a turning point in my life. 

In my childhood, I was really into sewing, embroidering, knitting. I was a big fan of clothes and when I had started earning money most of them I was spending on clothes. But I had never thought to commit my life with fashion.

I saw one episode of the show and everything completely turned around. I heard the voice from my heart "I also want to create such beauty!" The same day I bought a piece of fabric and started creating my first dress. From that day I was sewing something every weekend. One of my colleagues was supporting me and advised one very talented teacher. She said that I had to find her )) 

Coincidently ( a sign of destiny) I found out that the teacher was working at one college. I knew immediately I need to get there, it was a sign! So I quit my job and went to college to learn fashion design. 

At the same time, Marina was creating her first porcelain doll and we had started thinking about starting a project together.


I have one more interesting story about how Dolls were coming into our life.

I was working in a big company and they took care of their employees a lot. Time to time HR had been creating a lot of entertainments for us. One of them was a master class of creating dolls (who really need it in a financial company). I knew that my sister had been interested in Dolls so I invited her. After the master class, she took the course and created her first Doll. It was made of modelling clay. I made first clothes for the Doll ))


I have created a lot of clothes for customers and a lot of clothes for myself, but most of all I like to create outfits for Dolls. It allows me to realize all my imaginations and potential. I like to create costumes and wearable clothes for them. Trendy, fashionable and also very tender, girlish things. I am still at the beginning of my way)) Have created only 1% of what I want to create!!! 

Our Dolls are my big inspiration! They are the most beautiful, beloved creates for us! When I create outfits for them I sometimes speak to them: Julitta, do you like this fabric? How is the dress? Where will you wear it ?)))

We really want our Dolls to inspire our buyers, admirers and followers. We want them to help people to open heart to art! Because we believe art heals souls.

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