Sewing for Dolls. Tips.


What is important to remember before buying fabrics for Dolls?


The fabric should not leave spots. Remember bright fabrics could leave stains on resin Dolls (porcelain Dolls are safe). Be careful with intense tons of materials such as cotton, polyester, viscose, jeans. 

How to check. Put a piece of fabric into warm water and check if the water changes the colour.


Pay attention to the fabric fraying. If the material is easy to fray it will be hard to sew from it, especially for a doll.

How to check. Test the edge of fabric samples before buying. 


Remember about the thickness of textile. It is quite tough to sew miniature items from the thick fabric.

How to check. Before buying the fabric in the shop: fold it, make test drape, think about the thickness of the seam, etc.


Choose the scale of the pattern and texture thoughtfully. Tiny patterns and tiny texture look much better on Doll. When you buy sequins material, lace or pleated fabric don't forget about the scale.

How to check. You can take your Doll with you and see how the sample of fabric looks on her. You can use the photo of the Doll on the smartphone. Or just circle the doll on paper and take the sketch with you.


These are the main tips to remember.

But if you fall in love with the "complicated" fabric - buy it.

Next time we will make a post on how to avoid all inconvenience of the chosen fabric.