Zodiac collection is finished

Dear Friends, We have finished our collection of Zodiac Signs. As a result we have created 13 Dolls with their own individuality and charm. We did our best and put all our creativity to make an unique collection. For each doll we created its own personal jewellery made of silver, bronze, brass, semiprecious stones, wood and others. All jewellery could be categorized for three groups: horns’, water’s and air’s. We were experimenting with different combination of materials and could find out-of-the-box solutions. For example, for Amalthea we mixed silver with porcelain, for Ophiuchus we used the combination of wood and metal, Aquarius had liquid plastic jug. All jewellery was thoroughly detailed to complete the

look of the every zodiac sign. For each doll we created its own unique costume, made of high-quality fabrics like leather, silk, chiffon, lace, satin and etc. For our Antares we made an embroidery in two weeks, for Arietida we plaited top with beads, also we covered Alrisha’s dress with sequins. For the train of our little Fish's dress we used tons of fabrics. Our Sagittarius has got a look of real fairytale heroine. We were captivated by the process of creation tattoo for Deneba and Asklepia and tried to make authentic and interesting look. For every doll we have designed a private wood box. We have finished our collection with the most mysterious zodiac Ophiuchus, which was not included among official zodiac. The process of creation of this collection gave us great pleasure and we were could to realize lots of captivating ideas. All the Dolls found their new home all over the World and made their owners joyful.

In the future we will continue to make all our fans happy by creating new Dolls.