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Inspiredolly: Retro collection

We are happy to announce that we are starting a new project InspireDolly. As we mentioned before, this time we are creating a little dolls (girls 5 years old). New Dolls are 21 cm tall. We have simplified ball joints in favor of aesthetic look.

Our first collection is Retro Collection. We are presenting first Dolls Alexandra and Anastasia. We were inspired by the rocking-horses, which were very popular at the end of XIX-beginning XX century in Russia. Horses are made from oak, painted with acrylic paints. The dresses are made from velvet and decorated with beads.Each Doll has its own toy, created from polymer clay (clay craft). Shoes were also made that clay. The Dolls are porcelain, have 13 ball joints each, wigs made from the hair of angora.

Special thanks for Svetlana, who has made these cute toys for our Dolls

More photos of Alexandra are in the Gallery

More photos of Anastasia are in the Gallery

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