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Pre-order is open

We are happy to announce that pre-order for our Dolls is open. The Dolls will be cast from resin in a famous Moscow studio "Star-Dolls", a lot of popular doll makers are casting their Dolls there. The number of Dolls for order is limited.

You can order the Doll here.

Doll specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall (41 cm with heels' feet), eyes are each 8 mm. The Doll has 2 different types of feet: one is for bare feet and the other is for heels. There are two places for the magnets on her head.

Basic set

1. Ball jointed resin doll stretched with elastic cord.

2. Removable eyes made of plastic

3. Box for the Doll

4. Certificate of Authenticity

5. Instruction for the holders.

You can choose

1. Mold: Amaya or Nicole

2. The color of the eyes: blue, green, brown (please, specify the color in the comments field of the order form)

3. The tone of the skin: ivory or almond.

4. Feet: flat or for heels

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