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Design contest results!!!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the winners of our contest. But first of to the designs! Receiving so many gorgeous artworks, we had a really hard time choosing the winners. all we want to express our sincere gratitude to every single person who participated in our contest. We had a lot of joy, inspiration, and fun during examining each artwork. Thank you very much for beautiful artworks, inspiration, and your time. Also, special thanks to those who attached technical sketches and detailed descriptions.

We want to say thank you again to all participants!!! Thank you for being a part of this project! We got so much inspiration and positive energy from every artwork! It was our first contest, and we really want to have more in future with different concepts and themes and ideas!

All artworks are upload on our website to see them go to - Contest


The first-place winners get our Nicole (mother of dragons) and Amaya.

As the idea of the contest was to design an outfit, the main criterion for choosing the first-place winners was how interesting and beautiful the design was.

The two best costumes that we are excited to create are the designs by Andrei Teican (left one) and Urszula Sarna (right one). Their designs and the fashion illustration are extremely beautiful.


50% discount on any purchase

There was a lot of work which was more about illustrations. We were really impressed with them. This is why we decided to increase the number of winners. Second place took the artworks with the best illustration and interesting design. It was so hard to choose so, we chose three authors:

Kha Than (left one)

João David (right one)

Maria Reberg (last one)


30% discount on any purchase

We gave the third place to beautiful designs and interesting ideas. The authors are Magdalena Bareja (left one) and Anastasia Rozhdestvina (right one) We will definitely create the outfits in future. The designs are very thoughtful and very fashionable.

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