5 minutes with Irina & Marina Skvortsovy – Founders of InspireDoll

We had a small interview with Sarah Mackenzie, the creator of 5minuteswith ( Interesting questions for interesting people).

Full interview is on the website https://5minuteswith.com/irina-marina-skvortsova/

5 minutes with Irina & Marina Skvortsovy – Founders of InspireDoll

Irina and Marina Skvortsovy are a Russian sister duo who create unique and conversation starting dolls for both adults and children. The pair divide the roles of their business, with Marina creating the dolls, and Irina designing the costumes. The popularity of their dolls stems from the meticulous levels of craftsmanship behind each one – with the ladies paying particular attention to current beauty and fashion trends.

1. What was it about dolls that inspired you to start a family business?

That’s a hard question, it just happened! As is quite common, it started as hobby and became an essential part of our lives. We used to play a lot with dolls in our childhood, so they were an important part of it. Marina always loved dolls as a subject for art, and Irina in terms of them being models for outfits. Marina was inspired by BJD Dolls and dreamt of making her own dolls, and Irina was inspired by the fashion. Eventually, we combined our skills and decided to do something for ourselves.

Our father also helps us, he’s responsible for the furniture that we use to prop them. He creates different things from wood for our dolls, going between different classic and modern styles depending on our ideas.

2. Your recent exhibit at the Doll Show in Moscow was very fashion orientated. Where do you get the inspiration for your looks?

Inspiration is everywhere, just one small thing can drive your creativity! We are continuously following the latest trends in make-up, fashion and interior design. We get a lot of ideas from those topics. For this particular show, inspiration came from furniture. We had created special chairs for our dolls, and the colours and shapes of the chairs gave us inspiration for the collection. We called this collection Cosmic Girl.

3. The make-up and attention to detail on each doll is very precise, how long does each doll take to create?

If you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t take too much time, about 2 days for each doll. It really depends on the difficulty level of the make-up and blushing details on the body! Building the initial idea into an image takes time, however, the most time is spent in the creation of the new face, new molds, etc. For now, we have just four different face types, but we’ll be creating more in future.

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