Contest 2018/2019! Results!!!

Dear all

We are going to announce the winners of our contest. But first, we want again to say thank you to all the participants!!! This year we got a lot of outstanding works!! All art pieces have their unique idea, their own impression from our Dolls. We got a lot of joy studying every piece and reading letters) We got so much inspiration and positive energy from every artwork! Receiving so many gorgeous artworks, we had a really hard time choosing the winners. All we want to express our sincere gratitude to every single person who participated in our contest.

All details are there


The first-place winner gets our Amaya

The winner is Larisa Schpengler

The artwork made in a collage technique mixed with a hand drawing.

The idea of the work

City Princess - the girl is living in a big city, fashion-forward, stylish, self-confident, she knows how to deal with people. She loves to stand out but still being sweet and feminine.

We immediately fell in love with the work. It just as we see Amaya and our girls. The art piece is very beautiful, outstanding and very energetic!! Larisa, thank you so much for such a beauty!!!


The second-place winners get 50% discount for purchase

The winners are Andrei Teican (on the left) and Galina Maletina ( on the right)

Andrei made an amazing image, looks so simple but so thoughtful and stylish! Very feminine and soft!!! Andrei thank you so much for such an incredible piece!

Galina's Amaya is a magnetic one!! We can't stop looking at the painting! Watercolour magic) So young, innocent and sensual!!!


The third-place winners get 30% discount for any purchase

The third place is getting Vita Panaeva.

Vita is a multitalented person!!

Thank you so much!! It is stunning!! So glamour and so perfect!!! The colours, poses, face, the idea!! We just love it so much!!!