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Pre-order is open.

We are happy to inform you that the preorder for our new molds and upgraded body is open. There is some good news.

We didn't raise the price of our new body and left it the same. Upgraded body blank Doll - 800$.

We have created 2 new European molds Sasha and Teia. We increased the size of the head to better balance with the new body. But all previous molds are also available for ordering and suit new body very well.

We created removable feet and hands for Dolls and they are available for ordering both for the new body and for previous body types.

We decreased the prices for the previous body types. Now it starts from 600$ for blank Doll with basic body type and unremovable hands and feet. +40$ for ball-jointed neck body and +50$ for removable feet and hands option.

You will have 10% off if you pay all sum at the same time.

For more details go to our BUY a DOLL.

Difference in size between old mold head and new mold head

Old Mold Nicole on the upgraded body New Mold Teia on the upgraded body

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