Dolls movements

Doll specification:

This Ball-jointed Doll is created in 3D and printed on 3D printer. The Doll is cast in resin. 

We have standard body (basic and with ball-jointed neck) and ungraded body. Dolls can make various kinds of natural postures.

The Doll is 40 cm tall (41 with heel's feet). Removable eyes are each 8 and 8,5 mm. 





Upgraded Body


Ball-jointed neck body


Basic body



Body speciality:
We have created special elbows and knees joints. Every articulation point can shift 10 degrees. It helps the Doll to make elegant postures. Also, it shows evenness of her movements.  To create these joints we were inspired by the fashion sketches of the models from the podium. Detailed photos will be when we get first cast Dolls.  


We use our secret special technology which helps to fix the posture.



The not visible part of our ball joints, which helps Dolls to make a natural moving body.

Every new ball joints have a special shape slot. It helps to prevent not natural moving of the Doll and makes the process of posing much easier.