Upgraded body 

What is new.

  • Shoulder ball joints. It allows moving shoulders and makes movements more aesthetic.

  • Chest ball joint. It helps to move shoulders deeper. The ball joints are moving only by certain natural trajectories.   

  • The ball joint on the waist. It helps bend left and right and back and makes the doll's movements more natural. 

  • New neck ball joint.  It allows moving the head with the neck more easily (without double moving).  It helps to reach a better posing ability. 

  • Removable feet and hands.   It will be easy to change heels and flat feet. You don't have to choose between heels or flat, you can have both. Removable hands will help to dress up Doll easily. Also, it will be possible to order one more addition hand.

Specification: The Doll is 40 cm tall. Our Dolls have removable feet (bare feet and for heels) and hands. Eyes are 8 mm .